Guide to Life

I've read a lot of different "lists" of values to share with our daughters. I've taken things I've seen from several and made it my own by eliminating that which was redundant or repetitive, and adding what I think is important. While this was originally geared toward daughters, I can't see any reason why you... Continue Reading →

Reconciling Death

I’m not a therapist, grief counselor, or medical professional of any sort. But I’ve noticed a few things about death and how it affects people. It seems worth mentioning that it can bring out the very best and the very worst in people. My friend Gail’s dad died when we were young, maybe 20 years... Continue Reading →

The Mantis vs. The Fly

Something I’ve noticed since I started blogging, is that I have a hard time focusing on just one subject at a time, which is probably why this is such a good exercise for me. But one story ties to the next, to the next, and so on. There’s always a connection to at least a... Continue Reading →

Gender Bashing. Seriously?

I used to hang out with a crowd, many years ago, that I no longer hang with. Let me tell you why. More often than not, the women would end up in the kitchen or dining room at these gatherings or sometimes we’d all end up blended together with our spouses. It seemed like during that... Continue Reading →

Fear and Hotdogs

Not every day on this blog is going to be meaningful, and filled with emotion, wisdom and good feels. There will be times you will be scratching your head and asking pointed questions like “What is wrong with her?” This might turn into one of those days. I mean, my misfortune or lack of direction may prove... Continue Reading →

My Invisible Friend

Okay, I'm admittedly new to this whole blogging thing. But it seems to be coming quite naturally at the moment so I'll continue as long as it makes sense and there's positive feedback. So far, I've been cautious about just how much to share from these experiences and I've been uber respectful of the parties... Continue Reading →

A Word About Grace

So, I said in my first post I don’t like to talk about politics and religion and that I’d tell you why. So here we are talking about it.’s going to be a one and done as far as I’m concerned. I looked at my first post and thought, man, that’s just too long.... Continue Reading →

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