The Life Before You

“Write, DAMMIT”. The familiar words tumble across my phone screen as they sometimes do. I never know what time, or day, I will receive the message. But when too much time has gone by my Joe will reach out across the miles to remind me that I have a passion, and perhaps a minutia of... Continue Reading →

Hey hey Joe

I woke to the sound of the 4:54 this morning, feeling inspired for the first time in awhile to write a few thoughts down. I don’t know if that train is really the 4:54, and I have no idea where it goes or what it has on it (people or products), but that is the... Continue Reading →

Goddesses & Other Fragile Beings

I have been told I write a lot about relationships and death. Guilty as charged. I do often write about family dynamics, love relationships, and the relationships we have with our children. It’s not an intentional thing, more often than not I’m just doing a mind dump. Put your seatbelt on and stay on the... Continue Reading →

Hello Universe

Life isn’t what I would call a “one and done”. I joke about that phrase when I reference having children, that I was one and done. I use that same reference when I speak of tattoos for myself, I’m a one and done. But the rest of life…well it can be messy, can’t it? It... Continue Reading →


The people close to me know the story, but the time has come to share it. It's pretty personal. I'll omit names to protect others' privacy, but my people I keep close will know the serious details. My friend's dad passed away. Over a year ago. But it's as raw to me today as the... Continue Reading →

Cheap Daisies – a short story

The door was the first thing Brian noticed as he approached the funeral home that late September afternoon. It appeared heavy and was full of ornate, three-dimensional carvings of birds, trees, and a river. He guessed this was the perceived path to heaven, down a babbling brook.  He was meeting his sister Jane to determine... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet 2019

As we begin to wind down 2019, I realize that I have never had a year where I thought “wow, that was the worst year ever, I’m so glad it’s over”. But admittedly, this has been a tough one. It started in February, when I lost my old buddy Uno. I remember vividly the day... Continue Reading →

Blue Collar Bullies

Something popped up as a Facebook memory for me today, a quote that I had clearly appreciated eight years ago: “There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”  ~Nelson Mandela It makes me happy that I took that quote to... Continue Reading →

My Brother Died Again

My brother died again yesterday. I’ll explain. It’s been a long time since my brother passed away, and not everyone knows the details of that. It was a big event in my life, not just because he was my brother, but also because I was called upon to identify his body. The whole experience was... Continue Reading →

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