The Measure of Man

I figured the title would grab you. I wanted it to say “How to Measure a Man” and knew there would be some who would make that into something sexual, or into bashing, or something it really didn’t mean. In this writing, I’m talking about all of man….mankind. It’s been on my mind for a... Continue Reading →

The Life Before You

“Write, DAMMIT”. The familiar words tumble across my phone screen as they sometimes do. I never know what time, or day, I will receive the message. But when too much time has gone by my Joe will reach out across the miles to remind me that I have a passion, and perhaps a minutia of... Continue Reading →

Hey hey Joe

I woke to the sound of the 4:54 this morning, feeling inspired for the first time in awhile to write a few thoughts down. I don’t know if that train is really the 4:54, and I have no idea where it goes or what it has on it (people or products), but that is the... Continue Reading →

Goddesses & Other Fragile Beings

I have been told I write a lot about relationships and death. Guilty as charged. I do often write about family dynamics, love relationships, and the relationships we have with our children. It’s not an intentional thing, more often than not I’m just doing a mind dump. Put your seatbelt on and stay on the... Continue Reading →

Hello Universe

Life isn’t what I would call a “one and done”. I joke about that phrase when I reference having children, that I was one and done. I use that same reference when I speak of tattoos for myself, I’m a one and done. But the rest of life…well it can be messy, can’t it? It... Continue Reading →


The people close to me know the story, but the time has come to share it. It's pretty personal. I'll omit names to protect others' privacy, but my people I keep close will know the serious details. My friend's dad passed away. Over a year ago. But it's as raw to me today as the... Continue Reading →

Cheap Daisies – a short story

The door was the first thing Brian noticed as he approached the funeral home that late September afternoon. It appeared heavy and was full of ornate, three-dimensional carvings of birds, trees, and a river. He guessed this was the perceived path to heaven, down a babbling brook.  He was meeting his sister Jane to determine... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet 2019

As we begin to wind down 2019, I realize that I have never had a year where I thought “wow, that was the worst year ever, I’m so glad it’s over”. But admittedly, this has been a tough one. It started in February, when I lost my old buddy Uno. I remember vividly the day... Continue Reading →

Blue Collar Bullies

Something popped up as a Facebook memory for me today, a quote that I had clearly appreciated eight years ago: “There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”  ~Nelson Mandela It makes me happy that I took that quote to... Continue Reading →

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