Fear and Hotdogs

Not every day on this blog is going to be meaningful, and filled with emotion, wisdom and good feels. There will be times you will be scratching your head and asking pointed questions like “What is wrong with her?” This might turn into one of those days. I mean, my misfortune or lack of direction may prove entertaining for you, so it’s probably worth your while to venture further. I mean, if we’re going to make this marriage work you’re going to have to do your part too!

I try to keep fears and dislikes to a minimum, but I do have a few. I am ALWAYS trying to overcome them.

1. I personally think heights kinda suck, but I did indeed go up to that 103rd floor in the Willis Tower aka Sears Tower with the glass ledge in Chicago. I even have a photo of myself doing it. You can’t really tell from the photo that I’m hyperventilating OR that I wanted to punch my boyfriend at the time in the face, so I’m not going to include it, but I did actually do it. 

2. I also don’t care much for spiders, or really bugs in general. But as head of household, with a dog that will only kill things larger than hamsters, I’m sort of stuck doing it if I want the critter gone. I can’t stand insects. In my house. I get that they are mostly necessary in nature. Well, just bees really. I’m pretty sure the rest don’t really matter as much.

3. I don’t like hot dogs, but I never have to eat one again as long as I live if I don’t want to because I’m a grown up. I haven’t eaten one in about 5 years, maybe more. I firmly believe the man who can convince me to eat one is the man I’ll marry, because let’s face it, the man would be a miracle worker. There is no animal that has a body part called hot dogs for consumption by other carnivores. So this one I guess doesn’t quantify as a fear..but I’m more than amused that it’s what I think of when I think of spiders and other distasteful things. I’ll spare you a whole separate post on hot dogs. 

4. Clowns/clown movies. Just no. C’mon. NO.

5. Camping. See 2, 3 and possibly 4. No. Although I did sleep, overnight, in an RV last weekend. So…I got my camping in for the next 10 years.

6. Fear of drowning. Almost happened once. In a pool. And I guarantee my mother has zero recall of it since she has no idea what time of day I was born. I don’t swim as a result of that incident. But I’ve since learned to dog paddle, float on my back, and snorkel when in beautiful waters in efforts to overcome that fear.

7. Which…really should be the #1 thing, is basements. I know I know I know all you below ground dwellers think they’re AMAZING, AWESOME, WONDERFUL, GREAT STORAGE. No. What’s in your basement? Is it beautifully finished and you just love hanging with your family below ground where all the bugs live? Good for you.  Or is it full of crap you no longer wish to look at as well as clean up? Is it a dumping ground for other people’s stuff? Are there creepy clowns or ax murderers lurking down there? That’s where they always are in the movies. And guess what? There is only ONE way out. Unless there’s a great band practice or maybe a taco bar down there, I really see no use. I think living in a small house for a really long time made me realize that I needed less “stuff”. Naturally I ended up with a basement in my new house….full of other people’s stuff.

I guess this list could go on longer than I thought. I’m not that paranoid really. If you keep clowns out of my basement I’m pretty much good. Ugh…you know I need to go down there to move laundry around this morning. If this becomes my last blog post…you’ll know what happened.

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