Good Juju

As per usual, I’m trying to figure out how to get all my words out this morning without being all over the place. I’ll start by saying I never edit my blog posts. I just write what rolls off the top of my head and let it go. This isn’t that serious…I’m not trying to gain fame and notoriety. So you’re forced to put up with any possible typos and random thoughts that come along.

Last night, a friend/acquaintance approached me at our favorite yoga studio (that’s a whole other story) and said something to the effect of “Hey I’ve been reading your blog and I’m really enjoying it.” Well, despite the fact I expect nothing from my blog but personal satisfaction and attempts to prime myself for a novel, this is pretty exciting to hear from people you didn’t even know were reading it! I was flattered! She (Sandra) asked me how hard it was to put together and said she might be interested in doing the same thing, writing her own blog.

Now, an insecure person would think “Oh…she thinks she can do better than me”. But a normal and secure person (like myself) likes to support other writers and creative minds. When you meet another writer, or really anyone with that same passion as you, it’s like magic. I’m betting she can put something really special together and will spend quality time doing it. I spent very little time creating my page and find flying by the seat of my pants to work well for me in this scenario. I spent about 4 minutes coming up with the name….I knew I wanted “Grace” to be part of it and knew the opposing word for me would be “Chaos”. I didn’t think Grace & Chaos sounded great and recognized the need for an adjective. Seriously, the whole thing was born in about 4 minutes brainstorming with my friend LaShawnda, the real brains of this operation. And I love it. It suits me and this site perfectly.

One of the really cool things about Sandra is that besides the relationship we developed in our yoga studio, over an obvious common interest, is that she owns a small business around the corner from it. Stay on the train…we’re going to deviate a little bit.

Studio Sandra is a small boutique in downtown Royal Oak, Michigan and it’s a pretty special place. It’s where I go when I need something special or unique for a gift. I always buy a couple stocking stuffers there because I know it will be something different for my daughter that didn’t come out of a big box store. It’s where I go when I want to be pampered. I once went in there for an outfit to wear for a certain occasion…and I swear it turned into “Pretty Woman” with her handing outfits through the fitting room curtain to me and me modeling stuff for her and my daughter until we collectively voted on my new outfit. Having that kind of personalized attention is an amazing and awesome feeling. And for sure one you’re never going to experience at Kohl’s.

Small, private boutiques can be pricey and really, that term is relative to the buyer at hand. However, I can tell you this: everything I have purchased from Studio Sandra are classic, timeless pieces I am still wearing today and are of high quality.  I am always complimented on them and people ask where the pieces came from. Why? Because they look good and not like what everyone else has on. I think most everything, if not all, is made in America. Another great thing in my opinion. I’ve noticed when I do an annual closet purge, Sandra’s stuff stays while the fads go.

Today’s take away? Let’s revisit my very first blog post. “Words are powerful. Choose wisely.” Her words made my hectic and hairy day yesterday more pleasant. I know her words are coming to us soon and I can’t wait to read them. In the meantime, I’ll continue to support her small business and hope you’ll give thought to supporting small businesses, too, especially with holiday seasons in the not too distant future. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we’re all here to support and boost each other up. Anything less is, well, just silly.

Carry on.

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